Great stirrups for anybody that suffers from knee problems as the Flex-On serve as a shock absorber reducing pressure on your knees.


Flex-ons are covered by an extremely robust composite polyamide which has been organically sourced.

The stirrups are very lightweight and are also very solid. The stirrups are easily cleaned by using a brush and water.


The material of the elastomers absorbs and reduces the shock-waves generated by all the movements that we make whilst riding our horses. Flex-on stirrups are set on an angle to give an ideal leg position consequently adding stability and confidence whilst reducing stress and strain on the hip, knee and ankle joints.


If you struggle with keeping your heels down, losing your stirrups or just need a little extra support then flex-ons are the perfect stirrups for you. All stirrups have Ultra-grip treads (ridged with metal spikes) which helps massively with keeping your foot firmly in place without any slipping. 


Inclined Footrest:

  • The most common and popular footrest. It helps riders keep their heels down and therefore helps to improve the riders balance, stability and general position

Flat Footrest: 

  • Popular with dressage riders. Also ideal for riders with very flexible ankles for whom an inclined footbed could push the legs forward and risk unbalancing the rider.

Mixed Footrest:

  • Ideal for eventer’s who need to ride all disciplines with only one saddle and one pair of stirrups.


Please note these stirrups are all made to order and are sent over from France so they will take roughly 1-3 Weeks to arrive.


Flex-on Composite Stirrups - Light Grey