Great stirrups for anybody that suffers from knee problems as the Flex-On serve as a shock absorber reducing pressure on your knees.


  • Ultra-lightweight and streamlined: the strong but lightweight frame (450g) uses hi-tech design and aerospace-derived aluminium.
  • Innovative balance: A carefully designed multi-inclination footbed, helps create an ideal position for the rider's leg and foot and reduce strain on the rider's leg muscles and joints.
  • Shock absorbing:  Elastomer shock absorbers supporting the footbed plus flexibility built into the frame help the stirrup absorb shocks and vibration. 
  • Ultra-grip inclined footbed: small studs in the stirrup's tread grip the boot to ensure excellent stability of ride and connection with the horse.
  • Elastomers:  Flex-on offer their aluminium-frame stirrups with a choice of elastomers under the footbed: "hard", which is designed for jumping, and "medium" for dressage.  


Please note these stirrups are sent over from France so they will take roughly 1-3 Weeks to arrive.

Flex-on Aluminium Stirrups