The collection of helmets with added semiprecious stone and shell features is latest demonstration of the creative vivacity of KEP Italia, always ready to test and try out innovative and unusual combinations to offer 'never before seen' helmets to daring riders who wish to stand out from the crowd. The preziosi range highlights the excellence of KEP Italia's 100% Italian-based production, capable of creating items of perfect quality even when using complex processes that require maximum care and technical capacity, behind which lies much research and great expertise. The materials selected by KEP Italia for this collection are malachite (a mineral much used in jewellery and for precious objects for its beautiful colour that ranges from pale to dark green and for its characteristic different shades of colour), rhodonite (another mineral, whose name comes from the Greek word for pink, for its mottled pink and black colour, which is much used in the creation of necklaces, statues and ornamental objects), lapis lazuli (one of the oldest precious stones in history, of an intense blue, much used in jewellery), obsidian (a volcanic glass extracted in Sardinia, among other places, used to produce very precious jewels), ruin marble (a stone made mainly of limestone and clay, found almost exclusively in Tuscany, whose name derives from its landscape-like pattern and that bears striking colour contrasts of grey, red-brown, black and blue), Abalone (a very common seashell renowned for its particular pale iridescence displaying a mixture of marine colours - blue, green and silver - found in its smooth interior), and Superlative® (a special patented microfilm in mother-of-pearl, produced in Italy using an innovative, sustainable process. The technique adopted for processing Superlative® mother-of-pearl enables it to be applied to any surface, experimenting new colours and new designs, always maintaining a perfect equilibrium between modern technology and the handcrafted aspect of the products. And always focusing on maximum environmental sustainability). Chin strap with five attachment points to the shell of the helmet. Internal Coolmax lining (for maximum breathability and comfort) that is detachable and can be washed by hand in cold water or in the machine at 30°C. Customisable using airbrushing or other techniques.

PLEASE NOTE: As we do not keep stock of all the KEP hats there will be a 2 - 3 week wait so it can be custom made. 

KEP - Cromo Grey Polish With Abalone Back Panel & Front Frame Surround